Amsterdam West

Date: June 2019

A random view in Amsterdam West inspired me to make this illustration.


Volkswagen Golf

Date: August 2018

Illustration of the Volkswagen Golf and an happy couple. Inspired by the Tin Tin comic illustration style.

1973 Nissan Skyline GTR

Date: January 2018

Illustration of one of my favourite vintage cars the 1973 Nissan Skyline.


Date: July 2017


Date: June 2017

Inspired by Stanley Kubricks 2001 a Space Odyssey. Illustration of the Monolith in the desert. Experiment with light, shadow and grain effects.


Date: January 2018

Illustration of the beautiful and talented Erin @fresh.blush


Date: January 2016

Illustration of that cute girl next door.


Date: October 2015

Illustration of the car that brought us Back to the Future. The DeLorean.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Date: March 2015

A movie still fan-art illustration of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

1975 ZAZ 968

Date: March 2015

Illustration of the 1975 ZAZ 968. I was intrigued by this car when I saw it in the movie Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and just had to draw it.


Date: February 2015

Practicing drawing the female form. What started of as a simple sketch turned into a complete illustration. No imagery or examples were used in making this illustration.

Loop Records   WOOF

Date: January 2015

Being a big fan of techno music I decided to compose a playlist on Spotify and create a fictional record-label and album cover for it. The logo consists of two records molded together to form a loop. Hence, Loop-Records. Each album-cover in the series will feature an other hand shadow mimicking a different animal.

Ford Capri RS3100

Date: October 2014

Probably one of the most beautiful looking backsides of a car ever made, The Ford Capri is a true classic muscle car that I just had to draw.



Date: September 2014

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. ThunderBirds are GO!
I used to love this show as a kid. The aesthetics and design of the Thunderbirds is something that has always stuck with me. My turn to draw these beautiful machines.


Nike - Air Max 1

Date: February 2014

A flat, recolored and stylized version of my ultra realistic Nike illustration made for Nike. 

The Mask

Fan-art made for the classic comedy The Mask. I used to draw the Mask a lot as a kid and felt I had to create some fan-art for it in the form of a vintage styled movie poster.

Date: November 2013


I came up with the idea to Horrorfy the classic family film Hook. The original movie poster featured the iconic Hook which I transformed into a beautiful dark twisted mess.

Date: March 2012 

Twin Peaks

Surreal illustration of Dale Cooper as seen in Season 3 of Twin Peaks. A serie that has inspired me throughout the years.

Date: March 2012

Jack Daniel's

Date: November 2012

Being inspired by the Jack Daniel's bottle and label design I decided to dedicate a fine illustration to it.


Fruit Corp

Date: June 2013

Illustration of a tinned Banana portraying the problems with the food industry these days.


Album cover illustration and mix "Neuqen" on
A sensual hot and dirty ride of deep house tracks that will bring you in a state of ecstasy.

Date: April 2013


(Acetyl-Para-AminoPhenol) Album cover for my first
Broken, crazy dubsteppy hiphoppy rockish beats with whoops, swooshes and bleeps!

Date: September 2012



Date: May 2013

Illustration of an old Barbasol Shaving cream tube from the 50's. Inspired by the successful series Mad Men and advertising of that time period.


Date: December 2010

Pin-Up illustrations made in photoshop.