Natural Force

Client: Sean Costik
Brand: Natural Force

Date: Throughout 2016

Detailed vector illustrations made for Natural Force products / packaging.


Client: David Miller
Brand: Fanana

Date: March 2015

Icon/Logo made for newsfeed Youtube and Twitter app called Fanana.


Brand: Domino's Pizza

Date: May 2015

Reimagining of the Pizza Food App icon of 2011.
Now with more cheese and grease!

Domino's Pizza (2015)

Quick Mac

Client: Tribal
Brand: McDonalds

Date: October 2013

IOS app icon for Quick Mac. An app that allows you to place your order in-app directly from your phone. The briefing; Create a realistic and vibrant looking Quarter Pounder icon.

Mentos Monster

Client: MediaMonks
Brand: Mentos

Date: May 2013

Concept illustration and campaign made for Mentos. A cute little monster that can be fed Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts to make it grow and evolve.

Art Direction by Vincent van de Wetering

Food App Icons

Date: May 2011

A series of different foods molted in a IOS Icon shape. These illustrations became very popular on the internet and where featured on many sites, platforms and magazine such as Dribbble, Abduzeedo, SmashMag and UnderConsideration Magazine.


Client: Blackboard
Brand: Blackboard

Date: September 2012

IOS Icon made for BlackBoard a universal roster platform used by universities around the globe.

Magic 8 Ball

Date: Januari 2012

Wanting to experiment with shiny objects and reflections I decided to draw a realistic vector of a Magic 8 Ball.



Highly Detailed Icon illustration of the classic Marmite jar.

Date: March 2011


Detailed icon illustration of the famous dutch popsicle Raketje.

Date: March 2012


Avakai icon illustration made for avakaigames a game developers studio.


Illustration of an old TV set made for VARA, a dutch television channel.


Banana illustration made for a VISA campaign directed by Parasol Island.