Client: Backspace
Brand: Soverin

Date: November 2016

A wide selection of illustrations made for



Client: JWT
Brand: ING Bank

Date: May 2014

Series of illustrations for ING’s Wie gaat het worden (Who will it be) Fifa World Cup 2014 campaign. 

The brief was simple: Illustrate a series of football players in different active positions. The campaign assets used a polygon-like design esthetic. To achieve harmony with the campaign I created this illustration direction that fit perfectly within the rest of the campaign.


Client: MediaMonks / CLMBBDO
Brand: M&M's

Date: March 2013

Comic-book illustrations for M&M’s Global Wanted Campaign. MediaMonks and CLMBBDO devised an interactive online adventure telling the story of Red & Yellow gone missing. With the clever use of parallax and CSS animations we brought comic was brought to life.


Nike Mercurial

Client: Dan Hall
Brand: Nike

Date: June 2014

Hyper-realistic all-vector illustration for Nike celebrating the release of the Nike Air Max One Mercurial. More and more brands tend to use illustration over photography for their products. This allows for detailed accuracy and control.

Left: Illustration process
Right: From photo to illustration


Angry Birds

Client: MediaMonks
Brand: Robinsons / Angry Birds

Date: September 2013

Illustrations for Robinsons Fruit Shoot / Angry Birds skate game. The mission; create a entirely new game promoting both Fruit Shoot and Angry Birds without recreating the official game.


Armin van Buuren

Client: Timm & Pimm
Brand: Intense - Armin van Buuren

Date: March 2014

Poster designs for Armin van Buurens' latest ,Intense' tour. The mission; give the branding a a bold, new and fresh look. Using graphical cues from the live show and Armins' silhouette, I came up with these directions.

Habit Summit '14

Client: Nit Eyal
Brand: Habit Summit

Date: April 2014

Illustration for Habit Summit 2014 Conference in Amsterdam. Briefing: Make a fun illustration showing some of the many habits we have has people. Through sketching out some ideas I came up with an octopus thatdisplayed all these habits at once.


Vrienden Flessen

Client: MediaMonks
Brand: Rijksoverheid

Date: November 2012

Illustrations for the Dutch Governments’ „Vrienden Flessen” campaign website. As of 2013 it’s illegal to carry alcohol in public in The Netherlands. Accompanying the campaign, I illustrated several assets that MediaMonks incorporated on the campaign website.

The Angry Nerd
WIRED Magazine

Client: WIRED Magazine

Date: September 2012

Hyper-realistic illustration and portrait made for The Angry Nerd – a Wired Magazine column. The featured article covered the Angry Nerds’ discontent with Metro Golwyn Mayer. I thought It’d be interesting to use his moniker and face in a parody of the MGM mark.


KLM - Be My Guest

Client: Tribal DDB
Brand: KLM

Date: May 2012

A series of 200+ small illustrations for KLMs’ Be My Guest campaign. The campaign website featured a quiz in which you could win a trip to one of your favorite cities, accompanied by your favorite celebrity.

PLUS - Troetels

Client: MediaMonks
Brand: PLUS

Date: Januari 2011

Illustrations for PLUS Supermarkets’ Troetels (cuddlies) campaign. A clever creation tool was built where kids could create worlds for their cuddly friends. Every piece ow scenery was drawn in photoshop to give this unique cardboard look. The campaign became a great succes and thousands of worlds where created.